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Signage at the Cinema

For those who have attended a movie at the theater lately, you may have noticed a bit of change in the ambiance in the lobbies and hallways. Digital signage is quickly making it’s way into Hollywood with the introduction of digital media displays in theaters and cinemas. These venues are frequented by millions of Americans each year. In fact, the movie and entertainment industry is even larger in other parts of the world than it is here in the United States. With that being said, this post will delve into a few of the ways in which the cine can benefit from digital message boards.
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Essentials in Digital Signage Project Planning

The adage “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail” always works in digital out-of-home project deployments. Because there are so many different aspects of the project that require attention, there are often areas where things are left out or left undone which can significantly decrease the effectiveness of the sign network. Ensuring the displays are operating on all cylinders can often require the input of multiple creative and technical managers. I have put together five unrecognized essential elements in digital out of home project planning.
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SK-C120: Our Latest Kiosk

Our Latest Kiosk Design

We supply touch interactive and non-interactive customised  kiosks on the front and back end solutions to cater various markets.

Self-service kiosks are popular these days at shopping malls, airports, hotels, clubs and others to serve clients better.

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Display Mounting Solution

We offers a wide range of support accessories for the multimedia market segment. Hence, with determination and confidence, we devoted our manufacturing resources to design and develop various mounting brackets for TV, Speakers, LCD Monitors, Plasma Displays, Projectors and other related AV accessories, thereby providing superior consulting services to both domestic and international sectors

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