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Digital Signage Beautifies the Future of Interactive Marketing

“Digital signage is an approach that effectively combines static and dynamic information.
In the future, the way to enhance the interaction of and attention to digital signage and reduce operation costs will be the key in the competition as advertisers are racking their brains on how to leave a deep impression on customers in communication.
As the increasing requirements for image quality and visual effects of digital signage, HD films and screens have gradually become the benchmark in purchasing. Therefore, in terms of customer experience, the direct quantitative result is large screens (large screens lead to more dazzling advertisement content with greater visual impact); high definition (full high definition, delicate image quality, and vivid scene) and networking (remote update and real-time release).
To adapt to this trend, Intel will be designing high performance processor products in line with the embedded market demand, while digital signage based on the X86 server-compatible architecture will further enhance the performance of the entire system and reduce the cost of management and system upgrades.
Intel agreed that a billion-dollar networking device market will come into being as increasingly, embedded devices such as in-vehicle information entertainment, family automation, digital signage, IP camera and remote medical system become part of the Internet.
Now, the provider of better interconnection devices and content will lead the market. Thus the parties will strengthen technical innovation and cooperation to provide customers with more efficient solutions, helping them to create new development opportunities and to realize business growth.

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